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five questions to ask yourself as an HR professional in infrastructure

The infrastructure landscape is changing quickly.  With the impact of Brexit still to be realised, all we can do for the moment is maintain a focus on solving the problems we're immediately faced with as best we can so we've come up with 5 questions for HRD's in the infrastructure sector to ask themselves.

TMP Worldwide UK undertook a UK wide research project across the infrastructure sector to find out the questions HR Directors should be asking themselves in the current climate.

1. Do you have a sector bespoke learning and development process that supports staff at all levels to develop their career?
2. do you leverage the great stories of interesting projects your organisation is working on when communicating your employer brand?
3. has your work life culture developed in line with an increasingly mobile and fast moving labour market?
4. is your organisational purpose clear and does it cultivate a 'make a difference' attitude that ensures peopel feel empowered to do just that?
5. are you embracing the resourcing challenges in the sector and turning them into positive opporutnities to make your organisation shine? 

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Posted Tuesday 27 September 2016
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