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Seven recruiting predictions for 2017

Who could have predicted the rollercoaster that was 2016!!

Here’s some food-for-thought for the recruiting community in 2017.


1. From World Wide Web to Regional Web?

With increasing levels of hacking and ‘fake news’ making the headlines, rising domestic and geopolitical tensions and a growing sense of cyber insecurity, there’s a real likelihood that 2017 will be the year some countries pull out of the open, global network that is the WWW and create their own networks. The term ‘splinternet’ was coined a few years ago by Google’s CEO and, if it occurs, the end of a global network will challenge organisations looking to hire from overseas.

2. Buying audiences or the editorial environment?

Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn is just one example of the value placed upon people’s data and how recruiters are building increasingly sophisticated candidate profiles. The trend in marketing – and recruitment is following – towards programmatic advertising and buying audiences which match profiles - across an array of media platforms. The challenge is sometimes your messaging appears within highly inappropriate blogs or editorial – and may damage your brand. Last month Mastercard stated they’re shifting media spend back to more traditional media brands. The debate between lower cost per click and quality of environment will continue.

3. Power of Advocacy

More employers will broaden their attraction channels to focus increasingly on employee referrals as key talent channels. With referred candidates hired on average 10 days faster than other routes (source: Jobvite) and 12% more likely to pass probation, this underutilised channel will become a core attraction platform.

4. Boomerang recruitment

Professional services firms have long seen the value in keeping in touch with former staff. Now we’re seeing employers from more sectors – from tech firms to universities - seeing the value in running programmes to engage more consistently with alumni – both to potentially re-recruit and build positive reputation in the marketplace.

5. Enhancing every touchpoint of candidate journey

Sounds obvious, but too frequently employers focus on polishing their recruitment marketing but then leak good candidates during the recruitment process through boring job profiles and ponderous recruitment systems. Increasingly clients are looking to audit all parts of their recruitment process – and deliver enhancements throughout.

6. Better, not more, social media content

Most employers recognise the value of sharing ‘content’ regularly with potential recruits and industry influencers – often through social media or email. However bland job alerts and dull/poorly targeted content can damage employer brands as opposed to enhance them. With more employers hiring content curators – or buying in external help – the challenge to create topical, relevant and interesting content will only increase.

7. Video goes mainstream

Recruiting, screening and hiring are more interactive through the use of video, live chat and interactive whiteboarding technologies. Whilst these tools won't yet replace in-person interviews yet, 2017 is the year when increasing numbers of employers will introduce video to their candidate attraction, engagement or selection processes.


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Posted Tuesday 10 January 2017

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