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The AA launches a ChatBot on their brand new career website


The AA has released one of the recruitment industry’s first ever ChatBots on its brand new and intuitive careers site. The ChatBot really does make this website a one of a kind, as this new, exciting and innovative approach provides an unparalleled level of engagement. The benefit of this does not only improve candidate interaction, but also encompasses the nature of the AA’s Employer brand by coupling information with humour.

The redesign of the website allows the AA to tell brand stories with a highly appealing variety of visual media and multiple ways of interacting. The full bleed images and videos on the site provide a level of warmth, whilst the ChatBot encompasses smart technology and also humanises what can be for job hunters, a boring process.

The AA ChatBot


Appearing in the top right of the navigation bar, the ChatBot allows potential applicants to navigate through the website with ease, offering great interaction through a comprehensive menu of Questions and Answers. Helping to direct potential applicants to an information base, the ChatBot allows the user to find out more about the AA as a potential employer before they apply for a job role that they’re interested in.

“The site is quite unlike anything we have offered before. It’s a vibrant, photography-and-video led site – a real journey of discovery.  It builds on the concept that a picture tells a thousand words with engaging content that unfolds the AA’s unique story. The site challenges visitors to put themselves in potential new shoes and give them a feel for the organisation’s culture & it also includes one of the first  ChatBots for the recruitment industry, that will raise a smile!

This wouldn’t have been possible without a true partnership approach. The TMP team have fully understood the challenges that we’ve faced, have risen to the challenge, taking an innovative approach and introducing some genius ‘whacky’ thinking!” 

Craig Morgans
Head of Talent Acquisition, Learning & Development
The AA

For more information on the development of this website please contact Colin Barnett, Client Partner –

For more information contact:

Matthew Hill
Senior Marketing Executive
020 7268 9088



Posted Thursday 16 February 2017

Category: engagement, website, chatbot


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